Before & After: Deck Extension, Koi Pond and Patio Construction


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The incredible views of the City of Tucson and the Catalina Mountains to the East were completely blocked from view for over thirty years. Upon purchasing the house, the new owners knew they wanted to develop this end of the house and create an outdoor living space. A new deck was envisioned that would not only expand the living space of the house but would capture and enhance all the best that Tucson had to offer. This future deck area was truly a blank canvas on which to create a focal point for the house.


The new deck expands the living areas to the outdoors. Modern looking, but still with a distinctly southwest flavor, all of the railing insert panels fit between square metal, acid washed posts. Exposed wood rafters sit on a large wood beam, supported by two columns also finished with an acid wash.  Below, running parallel to the deck edge, is a stream that feeds via a small waterfall into a large koi pond. Next to the pond is a small patio with lounge chairs for soaking up the Arizona sun or watching the fish swim about. The native desert vegetation was left to come right up to the edges of the new patio and koi pond.

Inside the house, to access the new deck, two closets were removed from the end of the bedroom Hallway, and the Hallway was extended to the exterior wall. A new door was cut into the exterior wall, opening the house up to the views beyond.

Day and night the views are magnificent.  By day, sunlight glides over the terrain of the Catalina Mountains, and by night the City of Tucson lights sparkle in the darkness. Both the deck and patio offer places to stop and relax and enjoy life in the desert.

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