Before & After: Sun Room Renovation


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Sunroom Renovation: Before and After


Originally, the Sun Porch was lined on two sides with sliding glass doors that let in so much sunshine and glare that the Owner’s kept the wooden blinds down to filter the light. Combined with a dark stained wood panel ceiling, the contrast between the dark wood of the ceiling and blinds and all that bright sunlight made the room an uncomfortable space to occupy. The multiple doors provided too many access points to the wrap-around deck outside, making furniture placement within the room and out on the deck difficult. The southern portion of the deck, seen at the left, was less than three feet deep and offered no usable outdoor space. Rather than offer a sense of expansion to the outside, the wrap of the deck made the room feel confined. As well, the Sun Porch walls, ceiling and floor were not insulated, making the space too cold to occupy for most of the year, especially during New England winters.


Our goal was to re-design the space to be more in keeping with the “Arts and Crafts” style of the original house and to transform the porch into a Sunroom able to be enjoyed all year round.

The interior wall and ceiling finishes were removed and replaced with sheetrock, painted a soft, warm golden hue. The narrow portion of the south deck was removed, providing space for the construction of a new window bay that spans the width of the room and expands the Sunroom out toward the exterior view. New Energy Star casement windows let in the summer breezes and natural light. Bathed in sunlight, the built-in window seat provides space for people to sit as well as plants. An Energy Star French sliding door leads to the remaining portion of the deck. Outside on the deck is an area for a table and chairs and a few potted plants.

All of the Sunroom’s walls, ceiling and floor are insulated with spray foam insulation. The eco-friendly foam insulation acts as both an air barrier as well as a thermal barrier, making the Sunroom a now very cozy space, especially in winter.

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