What can we design for you?Patricia Warren

When Warren Architecture was honored with two “Best of 2014” awards from – for both “Design” and “Customer Satisfaction”  and again in 2015, 2016 and most recently in 2017 for “Design”– it confirmed the tandem vision that their principal architect, Patricia Warren, has championed for years: Using fresh, original designs that, instead of feeding an architect’s ego, fulfill the needs of the client. Though her work is frequently lauded for its beauty, Patricia is fond of saying:

“The most important thing an architect can do is listen.

Every design at Warren Architecture starts with an interview to ascertain the clients’ visions. “I’ll always strive to elevate your sense of   design,” Patricia says, “but it’s your home. I’m going to design what you need.”

Equally adept at new home construction and additions/renovations, the work of Warren Architecture spans the United States  – from the hot climes of the desert Southwest to the chilly coasts of New England. Employing a broad palette of styles, the firm has created: homes and vacation homes; formal dining rooms and libraries; great rooms and family rooms; kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels; sunroom additions and master bedrooms; patio/deck designs and front entries. No project has proven too large or too small to merit Warren’s unique aesthetic touch.

A touch which, yes,  starts with an interview – but that’s just the beginning a truly collaborative process. That first interview crystallizes into a written program, and from that chrysalis springs the three-dimensional space co-envisioned by architect and client: a space which integrates the new construction with the original site, integrates nature and home… but also melds vision with budget. Warren Architecture works closely with the contractor throughout the construction process, ensuring that the client receives exactly what they envisioned, at the price they expected.

For Warren, architectural design art isn’t just a profession – it’s personal: The renovation of the Tucson home owned by Patricia and her husband, Craig,  was featured in the December 2012 issue of Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden.

So: What can we design for you?

Though it might seem like a simplistic statement, Warren Architecture means the words found in this motto; we want to apply our artistry to creating exactly what you desire.