Sliding Barn Door with a Modern Flair

The door in the open position, with a view to the Kitchen beyond.

The clients were seeking acoustic privacy between the Living Room with the TV and the Kitchen beyond. Rather than installing a traditional swinging door we decided a sliding door could add visual interest, yet not infringe on the spaces. The custom designed door was built of Philippine mahogany with one inch wide strips of inlaid aluminum, designed to both blend with and highlight the stainless steel sliding door hardware, while the stained lacquer finish on the wood offers a contrast to the dark wood flooring.

Door in the closed position.

Master Bathroom Remodel

The new shower takes the place of the former bathtub.

The existing bathroom was dated; the large bathtub was rarely used, while the stall shower was small and leaking. The new design created a large, walk-in shower in the location of the former bathtub, and a closet was created where the shower used to be. Frosted glass doors were introduced at the openings to the walk-in closet and toilet room, allowing light to filter through the spaces. New floor and wall tile update the space, with the wall tile flowing from the shower across the wall, behind the “floating” mirrors. The vanity, countertop and lighting were all updated as well.

In the reflection of the mirror, the louvered door of the new closet can be seen, replacing the former stall shower. A built-in cabinet above provides additional storage.

Home Office Expansion

The clients were previously using a small bedroom as a home office. Husband and wife, both professors at the local university, often worked from home, and needed more space than the bedroom was providing. They wanted the office to provide natural light and views out into the desert landscaping, as well as provide plenty of space for a desk area for her, and a table for him to use his laptop and access their book collection. The resulting design more than doubled the square footage of the Office, expanding the walls out and upward to catch the East light in the morning, and to provide desert views. The sliding glass door was re-used from the original bedroom and provides access to a covered patio beyond. The wood ceiling of the addition draws your eye upward and adds warmth to the space. The Home Office now has a “Starbucks” vibe, offering areas for work, reading and relaxation for both husband and wife. The space is so welcoming that their teenage son often shares the office space with his parents.

View looking East into addition.

View from addition back toward bookcases, and the space of the former bedroom.

Tucson Arizona Home: Exterior Renovation

This project was featured in the December 2012 issue of Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden.

The renovation of this 1970′s slump block masonry house, located in the foothills of the Tucson Mountains, involved opening the house up to the surrounding mountain and city views. The allure of the house leads one through it and back to the outside once again. From within the house, every vista is a striking framed vignette that compels further exploration. A key element of the renovation was the creation of a new outdoor living area at the East end of the house.

The existing arched elements of the house  were a feature of the front facade, but the original aluminium framed windows had to go. The renovation included  new Energy Star windows, designed to fit within the existing window openings. A new stucco ledge grounds the windows, and draws the eye horizontally to the new deck and garden wall at the East end of the home.

Front Facade

This house’s interior was also renovated.

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Tucson Arizona Home: Interior Renovation

This project was featured in the December 2012 issue of Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden.

Floor Plan of  renovated house. See also “Tucson Arizona Home: Exterior Renovation” Project.


This house’s exterior was also renovated. [Read more...]

Sweetwater Garage Design & Addition

New two car garage.

The new garage shares the driveway access with the existing garage. [Read more...]

Shoreline Restoration, Renovation, & Transformation

The original house was built in the 1920′s, by the present owner’s great-grandparents as a shoreline cottage. Over the years it was added to and the house ended up as a dutch colonial. The house design did not suit the shoreline life style, especially the second floor. The decision was made to demolish the house down to the second floor  deck, and rebuild the house in a more contemporary style, allowing the house to open up to the water views.

Twilight view of house.  Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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Connecticut Remodel

We began by creating a Mudroom from the corner of the Garage…..

Mudroom. Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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Kitchen/Family Room Expansion

This project is to be featured in Connecticut Magazine, Summer of 2012.

This project involved an expansion of the kitchen space, linking it to a newly constructed lower Family Room. The Kitchen was relocated into part of the former Family Room, connecting the existing house to the new addition. The new cabinetry lay-out and design was the culmination of close work between Warren Architecture, LLC and the Kitchen Designer/Owner: Kitchens by Gedney, of Madison, CT.


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Heavy Timber Addition

The Homeowners had fallen in love with the idea of using recycled timbers in their new addition. The Family Room features heavy timber framing built from recycled timbers. The tall windows with transoms above flood the space with light.

Family Room. Photo by Philip Dutton Photography.

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