Shoreline Restoration, Renovation, & Transformation

The original house was built in the 1920′s, by the present owner’s great-grandparents as a shoreline cottage. Over the years it was added to and the house ended up as a dutch colonial. The house design did not suit the shoreline life style, especially the second floor. The decision was made to demolish the house down to the second floor  deck, and rebuild the house in a more contemporary style, allowing the house to open up to the water views.

Twilight view of house.  Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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Connecticut Remodel

We began by creating a Mudroom from the corner of the Garage…..

Mudroom. Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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Kitchen/Family Room Expansion

This project is to be featured in Connecticut Magazine, Summer of 2012.

This project involved an expansion of the kitchen space, linking it to a newly constructed lower Family Room. The Kitchen was relocated into part of the former Family Room, connecting the existing house to the new addition. The new cabinetry lay-out and design was the culmination of close work between Warren Architecture, LLC and the Kitchen Designer/Owner: Kitchens by Gedney, of Madison, CT.


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Heavy Timber Addition

The Homeowners had fallen in love with the idea of using recycled timbers in their new addition. The Family Room features heavy timber framing built from recycled timbers. The tall windows with transoms above flood the space with light.

Family Room. Photo by Philip Dutton Photography.

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English Style Transformation

This project was recently invited to be published  in the book “British Country Style” by Hi-design International Publishing Co, Ltd, Shenzhen, China.




The original house and garage  are shown in white, the additions are the shaded areas.


Viewed from the front yard, the Library/Dining Room addition is barely seen. The only clue to the presence of the addition is the chimney in the background.

Front of house. Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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Exterior Renovations to a Mid-Century House

The remodeling of the Entry to this mid-century home became a study of overlapping geometric planes. The horizontals of the new entry steps and patio play off the verticals of the siding and window treatments. The pattern in the limestone pavers adds a sense of diagonal movement which is echoed in the pattern of the storm door glass.

Entry. Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography

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Sunroom and Kitchen Renovation

The existing Sun Porch and wrap-around deck  spanned across the driveway, tottering on three posts and a beam. In the transformation from Sun Porch to Sunroom, a window bay was added in the front, replacing the narrow deck area. The support beam was relocated and strengthened by the addition of two sheer wall panels below. Sunlight pours into the bay windows and the new sliding glass door that accesses the remaining deck.

Exterior of Sunroom. Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

Arts and Crafts Style Kitchen

Custom designed cabinetry evolves Arts and Crafts era styling, yet still provides for the needs of a modern kitchen. The glazed brick backsplash is original to the house, it is the back side of the fireplace.

Craftsman Kitchen. Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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A Cottage in the Woods

The existing cottage was doubled in size to provide bedroom and bathroom space for a young mother and her son. The new Front Entry  was placed to take advantage of the existing tree canopy. The Entry both shelters and welcomes the visitor.

View of Entry. Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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