Home Office Expansion










The Mission: Imagine a married couple, both university professors, sharing a single small bedroom as a home office. They needed more space and more sanity. Though their house was surrounded by a desert landscape, they had few views and little light.

The Solution: More space! In both imagination and physical dimensions, the new office provides a place – paradoxically – of both comfort and productivity. The square footage has been doubled and the upwardly-expanding walls expose desert vistas and catch the Eastern light in the morning. Now, there’s expansive desk space for her and a table for his laptop – all while allowing plenty of access to their large book collection. A sliding glass door, repurposed from the original bedroom, now offers access to the patio for breaks (or to simply take in the abundant horizons). The overall design, including a wood ceiling which draws the eye upward, lends that modernist aesthetic which was previously sought out in a coffee shop… only now, they needn’t leave home. Imagine: a space so welcoming that their teenage son now often shares the office with his parents. [Read more…]

Before & After: Garage Addition Edition

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Tucson Arizona Home: Exterior Renovation


The Mission: A slump block masonry home from the Seventies – though located in the beautiful foothills of the Tucson Mountains – felt dark, cramped and took little advantage of the surrounding mountain & city views. Could a renovation fix this?

The Solution: The resulting renovation was so successful it was featured in Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden. Now, the house is open to the lovely horizons which ensconce the home. Seen from within, every vista assuages the eye as a framed vignette, inviting the pleasant contemplation often accorded to paintings. The light throughout is alluring, guiding the eye – and the viewer – into the house, through the house and then back outside again. The centerpiece of the new design might just be the outdoor living area added on the East façade (see photos below). Some of the home’s old features remain (the existing arched elements are still featured prominently in the front facade), while less aesthetically-pleasing features were replaced; for example, new Energy Star windows happily replaced the old aluminum-framed variety. Beneath, a new stucco ledge visually grounded those arched windows, drawing a horizontal connection with the deck and new garden wall.

Front Facade

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Shoreline Restoration, Renovation, & Transformation


The Mission: Built by the Owner’s grandparents in the 1920’s, what had once been a shoreline cottage had been added onto over the years. Somehow, it had inadvertently been transformed into a Dutch colonial that simply didn’t fit the shoreline lifestyle. Still, the Owners didn’t want to tear down the whole structure. What could be done?

The Solution: Dramatically, the house was demolished down to the second floor deck – though you’d never know it. While still retaining a memory of the original cottage, the house now thrives with a contemporary style opened up to beautiful views of the surrounding water.

Twilight view of house.  Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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English Style Transformation

This project was recently invited to be published  in the book “British Country Style” by Hi-design International Publishing Co, Ltd, Shenzhen, China.




The original house and garage  are shown in white, the additions are the shaded areas.


Viewed from the front yard, the Library/Dining Room addition is barely seen. The only clue to the presence of the addition is the chimney in the background.

Front of house. Photo by Maggie Cole Architectural Photography.

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Before & After: Deck Extension, Koi Pond and Patio Construction

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